Welcome to Traralgon Rotary

Our community service projects have been many and varied over the years.  Some of our activities have included:

  • Youth Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Financial assistance to worthy charities and causes
  • Establishing Probus clubs in Traralgon
  • Supporting Australian Rotary Health and Depression research
  • Victory Park Development
  • Traralgon Hospital Development
  • Support for the Latrobe Regional Hospital and Cancer Care Centre
  • The Franklin Street clock tower
  • Gippsland Rotary Centenary House in collaboration with other Rotary clubs in Gippsland
  • Carillion in the Traralgon Town Hall
  • Time capsule in Victory Park
  • Bird hide at Traralgon railway Reserve
  • Memorial Cairn and Marker at Mount Tassie
  • Meals on Wheels volunteering
  • Managing the Traralgon Junior Football League canteen
  • All abilities ball 2016.
  • Model United Nations Assembly


  1. Ref time capsule in Victory Park. Has it been opened? I’m sure I left a message in it over thirty years ago.

    Interested in the date it’s going to be opened.

    Linda Hollingsworth


    • Hello Linda, Thanks for getting in touch with the Rotary Club of Traralgon! Apologies that it has taken a while to reply – we had to do a bit of detective work 🙂 The current Time Capsule was buried on 6th December 2000 and is due to be reopened in 2025. It is an ongoing process – there was already one at the site in the year 2000 that had been there for approximately 25 years too. If you keep an eye on our Facebook page, we will provide any information to the public regarding any upcoming events, such as opening the time capsule in future. You can also provide us your email address and we will endeavour to keep you up to date! Warmest regards, Helen O’Brien, Deputy Secretary.


    • Hi Tracy, The time capsule is due to be reopened in 2026. I will see if anyone has a record of the contents. For interest, what connection do you have to the capsule? Do you know any of the current Rotarians? Cheers. Rae


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